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Disclaimer Charity
This website is designed, built, and maintained by an Associate Patent Adjudicator.

A Free $20 Value Atom Music Feed if you consider protecting what is left of my family against the Offshore Jersey CI launderers following the murder of my parents here and my Uncle up North by the local 'Ndrangheta 'Ndrine and the local Vory-v-Zakone Clan because they were potential Court laundry witnesses and
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I can only talk to the web here on my blog because so many police here are corrupted it is not safe to approach any single officer. Getting through to hundreds of internet police here on the web guarantees me getting through to at least one non corrupt cop or at least a few good men (or women).

3 photos will follow from a good book to prove I am not mad in what I think. A page or two of text also. Some British Isles coppers actually are bent.

2k = 2 keys = 2 kilos went missing in the drug bust above. Sold back into the system for a case full of used fivers by the Old Bill more than likely. Half of the coppers here are bought according the West End Central stats from a newspaper report. They are generally paid their salary a second time into a slush account. It is quite simply not wise for me to risk approaching any single cop as there is a 50% chance he/she is bought. Insurance buyers, bric coin, and casino punters is my traffic that I am writing to here. A rich, powerful, and above all an intelligent circulation. Stay wise, stay paranoid, stay optimistic, and stay alive.

My Dad was the main chemist working for the main nightclub owner here and was killed by the RBC 'Ndrangheta 'ndrine here. I was in litigation with them and if my Dad or Mum or Uncle had been called as witnesses hundreds of now senior members of the financial community here would have been charged with crimes against me and my sister in the '70s when we were both under aged heirs at 15 and 18. They tried changing the tutelle law to say that only 1 trustee is needed rather than 7 which we did not have. That was proposed in '15, two years after I complained about Barclays and the RBC and Equinox to the Jersey Financial Services Commission and the Office for the Data Protection Commission. The legal action prompted a written response from all 3. Basically we were only very young and under the aged 19 age of financial majority here at the time in the '70s. The nightclub owner went bankrupt but was in trust with the RBC. They got me working on a syringe design with the WHO at one time so they would get leverage in the injection economy worldwide. They gave my Dad heart failure by taking advantage of his old fashioned ways of thinking about blacks. My Mum died same day I told my locum CPN that I was taking legal action against him. My sister was terrorised by their probate lawyers. Later on the same lawyers tried to terrorise me which is clear from the matrix of pictures in a coffee shop above. Money laundry is the central fulcrum of how this country and economy operates. There is not a cent here that was not sourced in a criminal way in the 2T here or the 5T that flows through the accounts every day. The lawyers are all free to talk if they surrender their registration and get thrown out of the local Law Society. They have to re register getting sworn in ever year. I witnessed the annual swearing in ceremony once in the big room at the Royal Court when they all had to turn up. Probably about 200 of them in total I would guess. They are all murderers really. Every day someone out there loses all of their money in a corrupt deal and dies from poverty. I lost mine here aged 15 in the '70s. They are all scum. And the bankers too. With a Rothschild in my family history and two Patent Agents I know what goes down though. As an Associate Patent Adjudicator I can make up my own mind about things which is nice. I don't have people leaning on me to decided in a certain way. With a criminal record from the 80s however I could never join the Police of the Army or anything like that. I remember working in a climbing harness with John Laing and getting overtime. I was out there on steel girders high above the land taking levels. Another guy who replaced me on another job got a broken back. He had the same Condon name as a Police Chief in the Uk. I got a cut of my old legacy in a trust fund after I litigated Barclays Plc in my own name in 96 but never got any ownership just a few unreliable quid every now and again. They took my house sale money off me too. I even had a 50% mortgage with them once. With my parents generation murdered by the laundry community here in the last 3 years things have changed pace. My sister got terrorised deliberately with bad legal advice. They tried to terrorise me in a coffee shop. Now I am repeating myself so I better sign off. Ciao for now. Vielen danke. Arivaderci. Au revoir. Lehitraot.

Oh well. Looks like I survived another day. Why am I writing this blog? What is keeping me going? There are 3 main networks of launderers. First London and the dependencies and territories, second America, and third Europe. This place where I got hit at 15 in the 70s is only 1/3 of the global power. The American and European neworks can wipe it out totally, and will.

I have been laundered by all 3 networks over the years. State Street Bank and Mourant (the Americans), Deutsche Bank and Viberts (the Europeans), and Ogier and Barclays (the British). The 3 people there to talk to respectively are Kevin Monro, Chris Scholefield, and Julian Clyde-Smith.

It was not that bright for Ian Gorst to declare a drug war here a few years back. He has tried to backtrack by getting cannabis debated in the local government this year but it is only a debate and the launderers have seen through it. The Ian Gorst drug war has already morphed into a full blown laundry war. It is a 3 way fight too. The Brtitish networks, the American networks, and the European networks. Ian Gorst when he was Chief Minister of Offshore Jersey CI was obviously fighting for the British networks. It is important to note the team members of the 3 laundry sides now I think. The American side includes Panama, the US Virgin Islands, the Marshall Islands, Liberia, Wyoming, Delaware, Nevada, Wall Street, and Florida. The European side includes London, the Crown Dependencies, the Crown Territories, and the Cayman Islands. Europe as a side includes Switzerland, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Belgium, Liechenstein, Monaco, Andorra, and Madeira. The world financial system can no longer function without the liquidity provided by of all of the launderers' narco dollars is a well documented fiscal fact in the Zero, Zero, Zero book.

Your house, car, inheritance, job, even dare I say it your children, brother, sister, and parents if you have any mean about as much as a packet of fags or a sandwich to these people. They are not nice.

Laundryland offshore is hell. 1000 tonnes a year. $1000 a k to produce. $100,000 a k sales price. $100 a gram. 0.1 gram max for a very very very heavy hit, normally 20mgs a hit, and 0.5t to rebuild Ukraine. Ciao for now.

How do you learn to trust? It's a big question. Learning caving, potholing, and climbing it's easy. At John Laing they wanted some levelling done on some high up there steel girders and they gave me a harness, and crab, and a safety rope. How did I know to trust that gear? That rope, and harness, and crab? If it had all gone wrong it would just have been 1 law suit and 1 hospital (if I was lucky) that would just have been a small % of their profits and a daily event in the global construction industry. How did I know to chance that the gear they were giving me to use was good gear? Was Douglas Bader given dodgy planes in ww2? Offshore Jersey CI plunders rich young heirs on a regular basis. Me and my sister were just one stat for 1977. We were both under 19. 19 was the local law then.

Boxer nurse Dave is hard and so is Special needs nurse Mick Boil, but they both get women nurses to do their dirty work for them like Anne-Marie and Mandy who both got fired. Honorary cop Zak is hard too but only with the weak.

Locum CPN Ron Mubwiliza got my sister to agree somehow to a cleaner coming round every 2 weeks for 2 hours paid by her. On the initiation day she claimed she was sick bless her so it never happened. Ex Centenear Dave offered me a state funded cleaner when he was a Centenear but I declined. My sister and CPN locum Ron Mubwiliza agreed that my 4 litre v8 was too powerful for me. DC 456 1414 gets you through to the White House but this election there was no full reception for the Israel PM first time since the 60s. Family and shule come first though as they alway have. We get a new Chief of the local Jewish Community this year I think, and they voted one Jewish Dad is enough for the kid to be of the minyan. I thought I might win by hiring my own cleaner for one hour a month. The cleaner they got my sister to agree to pay for was to report my whole life to CPN locum Ron Mubwiliza every time she came round. When I hire my own she will not have to report to RM I thought. Brains often beat brawn.

Barclays hired me as an ethical hacker once. A guy called Barnes gave me the task. He might still be alive. Martin Woods was hired by Wachovia Bank in the US as an anti money laundering Chief and he ended up consulting a psychiatrist. He won a suit against the bank for retaliation against a whistle-blower. A $50mn forfeiture and a $110mn fine out of $12.3bn profits in 2009. It turned out Mr Nice was hired by Mi6. Barnes gave me the job because I sent an old fashioned computer dial-up modem signal to their fax line number and got as far as a password request. Cost 6 figures to patch up they said. How many others had done that, cracked the password routine, and not told them? Only a few people know the answer to that. A few good men and women. Ciao for now.

I read about a sniffer dog in a Columbia airport with a 10k price on its head today for putting away 800 narcos, spent the last 24 replacing an 8.50 computer part, and the 4 bottles of ink finally turned up for the old printer they wanted me to retire. A lot of the new printers have security ink cartridges now so you can't refill them yourself. Means a lot of those legacy printers are worth something again because they don't need security cartridges so are comparatively cheap to run. Ciao for now.

I bought the domains,, and to forward the traffic to this website to get through to the right people. Everything should be functional in the morning. Ciao for now.

Morning has broken. It's not like the first morning though. It seems like we have been down this way before. Seniour, seniour. That's Cat Stevens and Bob Dylan lyrics by the way, but you already knew that didn't you?

174 SAR reports. Delaware. Catholic. Mason. Common sense. I read about the Berlin tunnel today.

The Locale of the local 'Ndrangheta 'Ndrine clan include...

Neither LOUISE MARTHA BRACKEN-SMITH, DAVID PEARCE, John Le Masurier Germain, Nicholas Forbes Walker, Donald McKay Reid, ROGER Charles MADDOCK, William Roger King, Gordon Peter Angus, Stephen Andrew Homyard, Christopher Robert Bestaick, Richard Denis Perkins, John Maurice Hullah, nor Susan Carol Munday, wife of John Keith Davies, have replied to my recent inquiry email this 2021 asking for a meeting concerning my missing Rothschild descendant legacy assets. The stamped sealed complaint letter to the Jersey Financial Services Commission went off earlier on today. Promotions have been accounted at the group for Chris Mourant, Daniel Harrison, Vanessa Ferrira, Danielle Bowden, Mark Wernham, Katie Davey-Williams, Ana Freitas, and Mark Hucker.

Neither Anton Swemmer (*), Aynslie Colette Le Brun (*), Marcus Adam Pearce, Anthony John Quinn, Clive Phillip Le Brun Tomes, Robert Taylor, Piers Ross Coke-Wallis, Christine Leroy, nor Anrea Rombaut, are more than likely to get a source of funds reply to their two letters to my Dad as a result of my Data Protection Commissioners Office sustained complaint now.

Neither Paul James Savery, Martin Alan Scriven, Jenny Clayton (*), Ashley Stewart Cox, David Blizzard, R Bayman, Laura Bayman, FRANCESCA FREZZA, Alexander Michael Clark Hutchison, Richard Wilkinson Thomas, Adrian Keith Wood, David James Thompson, Michael Peter Farley, Richard Wilkinson, Adrian Keith, Michael Peter, Christopher Roy, Simon James, Allan Francis John, Jillian Arwen Maria, David Martin, Leslie Walter Cunliffe, Marc Anthony Pullman, nor others are very likely to hear much more information from my Dad now after my Jersey Financial Services Commission sustained complaint and them saying sorry in writing either now either.

I should reply to the Jersey Financial Services Commission about Graham Arthur Huelin (*), Susan Freeman, Lyndsay Jane Ozanne, Susan Gibaut, Lindsay Walton, Siobhan Dowdall and probably some others sooner rather than later.

The best thing I think is for someone out there to refer this website to the Israeli Minister for the Diaspora, Amichai Chikli The Ministry for Diaspora Affairs and Combating Antisemitism. Shalom. Lehitraot.

√(1 - (v^2/c^2)) should keep Mossad happy. Dr Gilbert Blackwood is the new Police Psychiatrist here now. He grew up in York in a rented flat, attended Oxford University, and worked as a consultant brain surgeon before changing to consultant Psychiatry and moving offshore. Being another well known hard man in the industry he decided not to prescribe Viagra to any of his patients causing loss of loads and loads of potential happy families. Before his latest Police job he worked in Africa for quite a long time but quit. He is a quitter. He enjoys jogging much like locum CPN Ron Mubwiliza. He is a liability to happy family life and family continuity. If you are confused by all this just remember clearing your throat repeatedy is a clear sign of mental illness.

Not much point talking about my job. They only put the boot in if you do I discovered. Got plenty of books about heroin, cocaine, and cannabis, but none on LSD or ecstacy I have realized. I bought a book of facts with about 20 chapters. I did Ok on music, literature, film, drama, politics, but not much else. Anyone asks me any questions these days I clam up though and can't think. Corrupt cops everywhere or people that answer to them. Nobody really wants to know you for who you are these days here. They all just want something to tell the law saying it's all part of their job. The Police here are all total bastards really. The hospital is stolen from your country if you are reading this abroad. So are the roads, bridges, and schools. I was reading how Canada has a resource curse a bit like Africa. This place the only resource is laws for sale. It's about as loyal as a £10.00 note too.

Nothing much has changed since I was plundered here at 15 in the 70s. Apple, Facebook, Alphabet, McDonald's, Uber, Amazon, Tesla, Morgan Stanley, Starbucks, Coka-Cola, Walmart, Harry and Meghan, El Chapo, News Corp, and Biden are all registered in Delaware, many of them at the same low rise plain-looking building says the Taxtopia book by the accountant son of an Offshore Jersey CI Lady.

$800,000 domain portfolio for sale

$11,000,000 domain portfolio for sale

$47,000,000 domain portfolio for sale

Casino traffic for sale @ $40 a hit

Britain, Nigeria, Eqypt, Indonesia, Mexico, Malaysia, Czech Republic, Russia; highest crony:non-crony investment ratios for billionaires. Germany, United States, Thailand, Switzerland, Singapore; lowest ratios. So I now know the client domiciles at the back of the change in tutelle law bribe to the local Privy Council government here in 15/16. Sources: The IMF, Forbes, and The Economist. seems to have replaced Tornado Cash in a legal and private way. It changes the whole privacy side of crypto. You can prove you were not linked to any crims address without betraying yourself to the world in general. It takes a long time to learn all about it. The currency world will be divided now. 127, X19, 126, 500, Panda, etc. Ciao for now!

My new mafia book arrived today. It's another good one with seperate chapters on the 'Ndrangheta, the Cosa Nostra, and the Camorrah etc. It's a bit like being a London University External LLB undergrad again really but doing criminology instead. It's nice to get a grip on the importance of heroin, cocaine, and cannabis for the local economy too what with all of the jobs and tax created by the laundry industry and everything. They are all important components of the local economy. The local economy is everything here. And it's nice too to read what you want rather than just grinding your way through a University reading list designed by other people.

There is a local government CCTV camera mounted on a lamp post type structure fixed at first floor level (2nd in American English) within a few yards of the Santander Bank in Charing Cross that looks through all of the highest level bank windows and monitors all of the paperwork that it can see inside the Santander Bank. FIU the financial intelligence unit here functions away from the control of the Police and reports only to one Minister. I have said enough.

Been studying Robert de Nero playing Rothstein in the film Casino for a day or two. There was another guy called Rothstein back in Prohibition who invented the Commission for the Cosa Nostra. He talks quiet and slow much like the Bailiff and Scholefield. Guys in banking here are watched much like casino workers in Vegas. The similarities are parallels are not coincidence.

A letter posted a mile away last Thursday still has not reached me by Monday evening. Have concluded they are reading my email and delayed it at the Post Office to see how I react. They have done it a few times before it seems reasonable to conclude now. It might just be the gov showing me who is boss and proving its power to me more likely. Like when Boris Johnson was planning to just not pay his EU debt arround Brexit time. America, Canada, Germany, France, Israel, Poland, Ukraine, and England will always pay Offshore Jersey CI though. They have to send the Navy to defend it too, even though it is now run by 'Ndrangheta and Vory. It's getting late. Too late really. Total power leads to total corruption they kept on telling me but they are wrong. A trillion volts of potential difference is only a potential, a possible, a probable, a feasible. All you need to do is fire a laser beam into a storm cloud remember to draw the current down. Even a laser level would do it if you turned it on its side. Quite a thought. It would just be another dead engineer to the launderers though, another 5mn fine, and the band would play on.

The Israel PM Netanyahu has got invited by Biden to the White House now so everything is cool again. Barack Obama his old boss was well known for hating the Offshore Finance world though so there is no telling what the President might do to Offshore Jersey CI. U/L immigration is U/L immigration too I guess. Prayers get answered. The American, British, and European 'Ndrangheta laundry neworks have gone to war with each other. So have the Vory networks. Chris Scholefield, Kevin Monro, and Julian Clyde-Smith from the 3 networks will probably all halve their supply side prices of their heroin, cocaine, and cannabis soon in competition with each other I would imagine. The thing about Patent Adjudication is that if you are just doing a good job as your invention it normally does not qualify for a patent. The only thing we have to fear is fear itself is what at least one ww2 Allied leader said. This is not ww2 though and the Allies have all fallen out with each other.

Saw a pic of Biden standing in a Ford car plant picket line today that left a lasting impression on me :)

First. How many lawyers does it take to stop a moving bus? Never enough.
Second. If it wasn't for lawyers we wouldn't need them.
Third. Lawyer's creed - a man is innocent until proven broke.
It's a case of attempted extortion and kidnapping and false imprisonment by none other than the Charlie 3 squad. The Commonwealth is going to be a lot different with a male monarch now I have decided. All butch and he-man and power-crazed. We were spoilt with a female at the top for so long. With his mine sweeping days though he inherited a culture that forced the German Kriegsmarine to do all of the mine clearing in the sea after ww2. Same with the Falklands getting the Zimbabwe men to clear them. Can you litigate a King? Not sure. Only for some charges I think. Not all of them. EU human rights is a wider concern for the world though I think with Braverman apparently threatening to cancel them for the UK with the UK PM. Brinksmanship I guess. They must think Strasbourg will cave. And I am a Patent Adjudicator about 30% British & Irish too. I say they all knew what they were getting themselves into with the Brexit deal.

It's good to finally know what mafias talk about from the book. Resources, local investment, internal discipline, protection, and initiation. It seems the women are included in everything including handing out discipline.

Mental Patient Colin Fox's WPC sister (61) is retiring next year and her husband 2 years later. They are currently on holiday in a camper van on a French camping site. Her brother Colin placed 300k in trust with her when a parent died. I am not sure if she has completed all of the formal trustee requirements or even qualifies as an appropriate person. They usually use accountants or lawyers here and have to pay so much in charges to the local gov that any trust less than 500k is uneconomic to run. Looks like Colin is just yet another exploited mental patient. That's the Loi here I guess.

One. He is a very keen lawyer, he even named his daughter 'Sue'.
Two. How can you tell when a lawyer is lying? His lips are moving.
Three. 99% of lawyers give the rest a bad name.

I used a bottle of Three Barrels brandy to clean my guitar strings 10 days ago. It was a pub near my old law school we used to drink at. There was a sheep farm around the corner too. Nobody believes you when you tell them though. A sheep farm right bang in the middle of the East End. Mrs Bennett used to run it too. Gordon's wife possibly.

All roads lead to Rome, then Offshore Jersey CI, then the Stopford Road Masonic Temple here. Adios. Ciao. Ariverderci.

Why is the sky blue? What is the relationship between wind speed and windmill turning speed? What happens when you run a finite element analysis computer aided design program in reverse? Imperial, Oxford, Cambridge.